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The ATM Bank is a fantastic gadget & innovative money box…
Need to save pennies but always end up smashing your beautiful china piggy bank? Here’s a satisfying way to stash your cash and keep tabs on your savings at the same time. The mini ATM cash machine keeps a running total of how much you’ve deposited and lets you take out money when you need it. Plus, you can protect you hard-earned cash from any five-fingered discount shoppers, thanks to the Mini ATM Machine’s special feature: this is not ordinary money box. The Mini ATM Machine comes complete with an ATM card, so you can program your machine with your own pin number and use your ATM card to exhort your money! Pop the card in the slot, enter your pin and select the amount you need – all from the comfort of your own home. This is an ideal gift for someone on a tight budget and it’s great to help children learn the art of saving!
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