What is Activems.com
Activems.com, one of the largest technology and digital lifestyle superstores on the online space.
What do I get on Activems.com?
Activems.com facilitates you to compare and evaluate hundreds of products spec-by-spec and rupee-by-rupee all at one place. It presents extensive information on products available as well as reviews from users. Assorted products from different brands are housed under various categories for your convenience. Some of the popular product categories on the portal are DVD Recorders, Desktop PC, Digital Cameras, Motherboards, MP3 / iPods, Notebook / Laptops and Processor / CPUs & much more. Besides this, the homepage has an eclectic selection of deals that you can avail at the click of the mouse. The portal intends to keep adding more products with time such that it has an exhaustive range on offer for you.
How does the portal ensure lowest prices?
The massive discount in the prices, as compared to the normal street price of the products,is primarily owing to the fact that the Activems.com has direct business tie-ups and arrangements with leading brands (manufacturers and vendors) and their first tier distributors. This helps the portal cut channel margin at various levels of distribution resulting into significant reductions.
What does the Shopping Cart section do?
Activems.com allows you to Add products that you want to buy to your Shopping Cart. Once you have completed your shopping, you can review the Shopping Cart and Proceed to make a Payment. The shopping cart also allows you to Change the Quantity, Remove a Product from the Cart and Add more items to the Cart.
How do you ensure privacy and security of my payment details?
Your personal information (including your contact details and payment details) are as private and as secure as they can be. As a policy, they are not sold to third parties in any condition whatsoever. Neither shall we, at any point in time, seek your consent for doing the same. Your contact details as well as payment details are stored in systems that are well protected by physical as well as stringent technological means. The portal guarantees absolutely secure commercial transactions and no misuse of your payment details for it works incessantly with banks and payment gateways to ensure confidentiality in every way, form and manner possible, always.
What is the best way to find the product I am looking for?
Use the Activems.com Search Functionality, to locate the product of your choice by specifying any of the following:


  • Brand
  • Price Range
  • Model Name

This functionality will list all the products matching your specified search criteria.

Alternatively, you can search for the desired product by using the option ‘Browse Categories’ functionality. This will list all the products in that particular category. Once you are on the listing page you can further refine your search:

  • by Specification
  • by Brand
  • by Budget
  • by Alphabetically

At all times, Activems.com has some special schemes or promotions running for your convenience.

  • Promos & Smart Offers
  • Special Deals
  • Bundled Deals
  • New Arrivals

What is your pricing policy?
Our prices are among the lowest available on the web as we pass on the leverage we get on bulk buys to our customers.
What about product warranties and how do I avail them?
All products sold on Activems.com carry original manufacturer’s warranty. For service of any product purchased from the portal, you can contact the authorized service centre of the manufacturer/vendor. All you need to do is preserve the invoice delivered along with the product for availing warranties.
Is registration necessary? Why is it required?
Yes, registration is mandatory. The information provided by you during the registration process helps us to communicate with you regarding your transactions.
How do I register at Activems.com?
Registering at Activems.com is very simple as well as comfortable. You have to register only once.
Just click on the Sign Up Now! link, fill up the form with the mandatory as well as other regular fields with basic personal details and a Unique e-mail address and then click on the submit button.A confirmation regarding your registration will then be sent to the email address mentioned by you. Please note that this information will be kept private on Activems.com’ Secure Servers.
What if I forget my password?
If you don’t remember your Password, simply use the Forgot Password Link on the Login Page. All you need to do is specify your email address and submit. Activems.com Customer Support will send the Password to your email address.

Some Password related Tips to help you protect your privacy when Online

  • Use a combination of at least 6 to 8 letters and numbers. E.g.: riya1122
  • Use multiple words without spaces. E.g.: itnitegreen
  • Avoid using common words that can be found in a dictionary. E.g. mango
  • Avoid using personal information as your password that others may easily guess E.g.: Your name, phone number, or birth date
  • Don’t use your email address as your password
  • Choose words that you can associate with something and thus will be able to remember easily. E.g.: Rover – The name of your pet
  • Don’t share your password with others.
  • Avoid using the same password for other online accounts.

How Can I update my Personal details?
If you wish to update or edit any personal details specified at the time of registration, you need to click on Account Settings in the Member Area.
How Can I Change my Password?
If you want to Change your Shopping Password, you need to Click on the Account Settings Link in Member Area. All you need to do is Update the New Password that requires to be changed and confirm the same. Once the Password is changed a Confirmation email will be sent on your email address specified at the time of registration.
What do I do if I have forgotten the User Id?
Your User Id on Activems.com is your Email address given at the time of registration. If you have forgotten the email address then you will need to register again with Activems.com.
How do I place an order?
You can place your order online on our website, or you may also contact us at (020)-8963-1478.
How can I follow up on the order?
After the order is placed,you check your order status on home page.
How do I obtain a copy of my invoice?
The invoice is attached to your order and will also be emailed.
What are the payment methods available?
You can pay for the orders placed through Credit Card. Payment through Credit Card can be made through all major brands of MasterCard and VISA Credit Cards.
Can I change the details for the order placed?
It is not possible to change the order details once you’ve placed the order. Please contact the customer support team in case of any queries. In case you wish to make any changes in the details of the order placed, you can always cancel your previous order and raise a new order with all the desired information at Activems.com.
Can I send the products I buy to a different address?
Yes, you can send the products bought at Activems.com to a different shipping address from your billing address; this address can be provided by you at the time of registration with Activems.com, and can also be updated anytime till the actual payment is realized.
During what timings of the day can I expect delivery?
Deliveries are made during hours, i.e., between 10am – 9pm.
What happens if I am not at my delivery address at the time of delivery?
The courier will leave a delivery card for you to contact them in order to re-arrange delivery.
Do I have to sign for the parcel personally, or can someone else sign for it?
People in your household can sign for the parcel; but they will be asked for some proof of identification.
Will I be informed of the exact time of delivery?
The couriers are delivered during office hours, you will be intimated by our courier company before delivery or by our staff .
What if the delivery gets late or arrives before time?

It is our endeavor to deliver products on time. However, in rare and unavoidable circumstances and owing to the vagaries involved in the process, the delivery may get late or for that matter arrive before the scheduled time. We regret the inconvenience caused. Products will not be accepted back owing to minor delays or early arrival. Inordinate delays, however, should be brought into the notice of customer support team and due action shall be taken to resolve all such issues in your interest.
What if I receive the product in damaged / defective condition?
Products purchased from Activems.com are delivered without any defect. In case you receive products different from what you have bought on the portal or if the product is damaged / defected, you can simply contact Activems.com support center or call on the centralized helpline number within 2 working days of delivery. You can avail of an exchange or refund only if we cannot exchange providing the invoice and the product in original packing and unused condition.